Hair loss is an issue that is seen to affect a large portion of the populations at some point during their lifetime, with many admitting that they have concerns when it comes to the possibility of losing their hair. But why is hair loss seen to occur, and what are the common causes? 
There are numerous factors that can be seen to play a role in the thinning or even the loss of hair, some of which can be easily prevented to decrease the chances of experiencing hair loss in the first place. In the article below, we will list some of the reasons that you may find yourself experiencing increased hair fallout and what you can be doing to prevent this. 
Lack of Nutrition 
If you find yourself experiencing accelerated hair fallout and even hair thinning and loss, one of the first areas that you should be looking into is the quality of your diet. Despite our best effort, it can sometimes feel as though it is impossible to get all of the nutrients that we need in order to maintain a balanced diet and, as a results, a full head of healthy, well-kept hair. The use of nutritional supplements can be a great way to ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients that you require in your daily intake, helping to promote hair health and thickness, as well as prevent hair loss or thinning in the future. 
Lack of Protein 
As well as a lack of overall nutrition, protein can also be considered a highly important factor to your hair health. Protein is known to make up roughly 80% of an individual’s hair, meaning that a balanced diet that provides a good source of protein can be vital to the strength and overall health of your hair. A lack of protein can be known to weaken the hair and slow growth rates, even resulting in a loss of hair in more severe circumstances. 
The consumption of protein rich foods such as lean meats, like turkey and chicken, and oily fish, like salmon, can be highly beneficial when working to promote hair health, ensuring that your hair is provided with all of the protein that it needs to grow successfully. 
To conclude, there are a number of factors known to lead to the loss of hair, however, many of these are very easily prevented by ensuring you follow a balanced diet that meets all of your nutritional requirements. Unfortunately, not all causes of hair thinning and loss can be prevented as easily, and other measured may been to be considered by those wishing to maintain a full head of hair. Hair transplantation surgery is able to provide excellent, natural looking results to those who may be concerned by hair loss; why not learn more about what our experts could be doing to help you 
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