Shave Biopsy 

A shave biopsy is defined as a skin treatment procedure involving the removal of any abnormalities found on the surface of the skin, such as suspicious freckles and moles, for the purpose of in-depth clinical examination. 
This allows our team at Birmingham Dermatology Clinic to both examine and diagnose any underlying skin conditions that may be detrimental to your overall health, as well as remove any imperfections such as skin tags or warts from the surface of your skin. 
It is very important that any potentially harmful skin abnormalities, such as moles or spots that have grown in size, are removed for laboratory examination by our team, helping to diagnose any underlying issues as early as possible. Early detection can save lives, and allows our team to begin any necessary treatments both quickly and effectively. 
If you’re concerned about any skin imperfections or abnormalities but don’t want to wait for the quality treatment that you deserve, our private dermatologist is on hand to schedule your consultation with Birmingham Dermatology Clinic straight away, meaning you’re not left on a waiting list. 
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What will a Shave Biopsy involve? 

During a shave biopsy, one of our trusted dermatologists will use a tool similar to a razor as to remove a small sample from the very top layers of your skin. This is then taken for in-depth laboratory analysis, allowing our team to accurately identify and diagnose any occurring health issues or skin conditions and follow up with the best possible treatment for you. 
A shave biopsy can be used to both identify and treat a number of different skin conditions and diseases, like: 
• Warts 
• Skin tags 
• Inflammatory skin conditions 
• Abnormal moles and other imperfections 
This is a minimal procedure that takes around thirty minutes to complete and will be followed up with an additional appointment with our expert dermatologists as to discuss your diagnosis and any treatment that we can provide as to resolve the issue if necessary. 
Mole Removal 
To detect melanoma early, it is important to examine your skin on a regular basis. 
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If you would like to find out more about undergoing a shave biopsy in Birmingham, please contact our clinic at 0800 0443917 to arrange a confidential consultation. 
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