Discoid Eczema 

Discoid eczema is a type of dermatitis that is most commonly seen to occur in older or middle-aged patients, identifiable by circular lesions that develop mainly on the arms and legs. These lesions tend to be accompanied by the same symptoms as any other form of dermatitis, meaning skin can become red and inflamed, as well as dry and itchy. Depending upon the severity of these symptoms, discoid eczema can be categorised as chronic, acute, or even both in some situations. 
While this form of dermatitis does usually clear on its own within a few weeks, it is highly likely to become a recurring issue, making it a topic of insecurity for those who suffer with the condition. Many individuals dealing with discoid eczema may wish to seek out treatment options that will help to resolve any problems caused by this skin condition, helping to restore their confidence and achieve clearer, healthier skin overall. 
If you’re seeking treatment for any issues caused by discoid eczema, our skin specialists at Birmingham Dermatology Clinic are on hand to provide you with the level of care that you deserve. 

How is Discoid Eczema Treated? 

Luckily, discoid eczema is a skin condition that is relatively easy to manage, treatment for this type of dermatitis being carried out in a variety of ways to best suit the patient and their needs. These treatment options can include: 
Topical antibiotics. If dermatitis has occurred as a result of infection, our skin care specialists may prescribe a course of topical antibiotics that will help to treat this issue and reduce the severity of any eczema symptoms that you may be dealing with. 
Topical steroid treatment. A course of topical steroid ointment or cream may be prescribed to treat any symptoms of dermatitis, helping to reduce any skin irritation, as well as itchiness or dryness. 
Skin Rehydration. This is a treatment method that involves the use of emollients that help to both moisturise and soften the skin. It’s recommended that this moisturiser be applied to the surface of your skin on a regular basis to avoid dryness. 
Discoid eczema is a skin condition that is, unfortunately, unlikely to ever go away completely. However, by working alongside our experts at Birmingham Dermatology Clinic, you can receive the best possible course of treatment for you, working to prevent any symptoms from arising in the future. Get in touch with our team to arrange your first consultation with Dr Camilo Diaz now. 
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