PRP for Hair Loss Disorders - What is PRP? 

PRP hair treatment in Birmingham 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): Blood contains plasma, red and white blood cells and platelets. Platelets are small cells which contain clotting and growth factors.  
During the healing process these growth factors stimulate and encourage the healing process, by activating the inflammatory process necessary for healing.  
Blood contains 6% platelets, but PRP is specifically made to have significantly more platelets, which with their important growth factors, allow the triggering of a superior healing process. 
The kit we use that obtain 30ml of highly concentrated PRP (17.5 times platelet concentration) out of 60 ml of blood. 
This is the most advanced PRP kit available in the market to date. 
Essentially poorly performing cells are enabled to be replaced in a rapid time frame at the site they are needed, with a high success rate. The multiple growth factors in platelets promote healing by: 
Triggering new capillary growth (new blood vessel formation) 
Attracting undifferentiated stem cells into the newly made matrix and activating cell division 
Suppression of cytokines and reducing inflammation 
Attracting macrophages to aid tissue healing and regeneration 
PRP hair treatment has shown significant benefit in several conditions. There is growing evidence to show that PRP can aid hair loss disorders by reinvigorating dormant hair follicles and also stimulating hair growth. This combined with the improved healing benefits can help achieve optimal results post hair restoration procedures. Using these methods is not usual in hair restoration and Dr Diaz, at his UK PRP hair treatment clinic can (due to his considerable dermatological expertise) harness this technology and use it to achieve great patient results. 
Additionally PRP can assist in facial rejuvenation by treating wrinkles and sun damage and discoloration when used with other treatments. It can also help in some cases with post-traumatic scars when used alongside centrifuged fat tissue and fractional laser resurfacing, and improve their cosmetic appearance considerably. Because PRP comes from the patient in whom it will be used, and is effectively an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory biological material, as a treatment it is considered extremely safe and hence it is a fantastic adjunct to treatment of both hair loss and facial rejuvenation procedures. 

When is PRP best administered? In men and women: 

To strengthen  
transplanted hair 
To treat male  
pattern hair loss 
To treat age  
related hair loss 
To prevent  
hair loss 
To treat hair loss caused by several factors 
To strengthen transplanted hair 
To treat male pattern hair loss 
To treat age related hair loss 
To prevent hair loss 
To treat hair loss caused by several factors 
In hair loss conditions, PRP has shown notable and impressive results on both the strength and quality of the hair, and some promising long term results. PRP hair treatment assists with the rejuvenation and activation of the hair follicles. It promotes the body’s own natural processes to respond in a strong way to the inadequate functioning of the hair follicles. This then activates the re-growth process. All of the above provide you with a perfect reason to visit our Birmingham clinic, for your PRP hair treatment. 
More information, specifically relevant to your case, will be provided at your consultation. Please contact Birmingham Dermatology Clinic on 0800 0443917 to make an appointment or discuss this treatment in more detail. 
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