"My confidence has now returned and I feel great I never thought that this could work but seeing is believing" ~ S McD 

Restore Your CONFIDENCE 

Recognising changes in your moles is helpful in DETECTING MELANOMA EARLY 

Get your hair. BE YOURSELF. 


Looking for a hair transplant in Birmingham? 
Our advanced techniques deliver natural results and restored confidence 
Welcome to Birmingham Dermatology Clinic where we specialise in advanced hair transplant surgery and cosmetic dermatology treatments. 
We understand the loss of confidence and self-esteem that can arise from discovering thinning hair which is why we are committed to delivering the safest, most advanced and innovative hair restoration techniques. At our hair loss treatment clinic in Birmingham, patients can enjoy state of the art hair transplant procedures, conducted by our highly skilled surgeon Dr Camilo Diaz, Founder and Director of the Birmingham Dermatology Clinic and guaranteed to deliver consistent natural looking, and long lasting world class results. 

As Featured in The Guardian 

Before and After 
▲ Transgender Makeup Artist, wanted a procedure to create a feminine hairline to enhance her features. 
▲ Hairdresser and successful business owner at SG Hair Salon, desired a result to restore a receding hairline. She stated, “I want to inform women of colour that there is a solution to hair loss.” 
▲ Actor, restored his natural hairline which is important for his work. 

What makes our Birmingham hair loss clinic different? 

We have invested in pioneering equipment and use the most advanced and innovative techniques, such as Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP), to achieve natural looking results for our patients. 
PRP technology enhances our hair transplant procedures by reinvigorating dormant hair follicles, stimulating hair growth and delivering improved healing benefits. Using advanced hair tissue preservation techniques and offering a long term guarantee sets our hair loss treatment programmes from the rest. 

Our aim is to provide state of the art treatments & hair transplants in Birmingham. 

In respect of hair restoration , we provide one of the best and technically most advanced hair restorations in the world, HOW? 
Using a modified strip surgery method , leaving the patient with a very thin almost invisible scar 
If by FUE, by using the most advanced motorised extractor , using ultra refined FUE technique, leaving very small individual scars and obtaining excellent quality grafts 
Employing carefully selected technicians , the best in the country 
Using specially manufactured graft preserving solutions , only available to our clinic ( graft lives longer once extracted ) 
Dr Diaz’s unparalleled ability and expertise in creating natural looking hair restoration procedures 
Accurate estimates 
Every patient is consulted , evaluated and operated by Dr Diaz himself. 

Insured and non insured patients welcome 

We are more than happy to answer your questions or alleviate any concerns you might have, so to find out more about our full range of services or to book a private consultation please contact the Birmingham Dermatology Clinic on 0800 0443917. 

We also provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments designed to restore your confidence. 

Our clinic specialises in the following treatments: 
Temple area procedure, little anxious beforehand but everyone I came across made me feel very relaxed. Made to feel comfortable throughout. Little sore but have all the after care. Now just to be patient and wait for the results. Big thank you to Dr Diaz and the team. 
Hair Loss Clinic in Birmingham 
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