Morphoea, also often referred to as localised scleroderma, is a skin condition that can be characterised by an inflammation, thickening, and hardening of the outermost layers of the skin. This occurs due to an increased collagen deposition. While this is a skin condition that is seen to affect only a small percentage of the UK population, is it three times more likely to occur in women than men, and can often be seen to begin during childhood. 
Symptoms of Morphoea include reddened, oval patches of hardened and skin that typically develop on the arms and thighs. These patches of skin can often become irritated or inflamed, leading many suffering from this skin condition to seek out treatment that will help to resolve the issue and alleviate any of the accompanying symptoms. Birmingham Dermatology Clinic are here to help, providing expert care as to treat the effects of Morphoea and restore your confidence. 

How is Morphoea treated? 

Unfortunately, there is currently no available cure for Morphoea, treatment options being focused on the prevention of ongoing symptoms and disease progression. However, this condition can be managed through the use of several treatment methods that help to alleviate any symptoms. Our dermatologists will work with you to establish the best course of treatment, helping you to better manage Morphoea moving forward. 
Treatment may include: 
Topical steroids that work to reduce irritation. 
Phototherapy that can soften the outer layers of skin and reduce levels of inflammation. 
If you’re considering Morphoea treatment but don’t know where to start or which available treatment option may be best for you, Dr Camilo Diaz is available help. Get in touch with our specialist dermatologists to book in your free consultation today. 
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