FUE Hair Transplant 

What does FUE stand for and mean? 
FUE stands for follicular unit extraction but is also sometimes known by the name of follicular unit transplantation. This type of procedure involves removing small and unique hair follicles from a certain part of the body. These are then transplanted onto the area where required or where the problem exists. 

What is involved in a FUE Hair Transplant? 

A FUE hair transplant works by removing no more than a few hair strands with most people favouring to have this procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. The actual procedure involves using a very small instrument (usually a 0.7mm punch) to extract the individual hair follicles. Using expertise, precision and skill, the surgeon will then implant the hair by using specialist micro surgical needles. Dr Diaz is a highly skilled surgeon and will ensure that your FUE hair transplant in Birmingham, will blend in with your existing hair whilst maintaining a natural look. 

How long is the process & what are the results? 

Many people ask how long the FUE hair transplant procedure will take? 
The process will vary from person to person and options including one long session or several smaller sessions can be arranged to suit your needs. The amount of time taken to carry out the procedure will be different from person to person and this will depend on the amount of intervention required. Smaller operations with minimal grafts can be done in a few hours, while larger jobs may take several appointments over a number of different days for example. If you undertake your FUE hair transplant procedure in Birmingham with Dr Diaz then we are pleased to inform you that our expected recovery times are quick. Unlike other methods, we extract the hair with small puncture holes which are barely visible, leaving minimum scaring. This in turns means there is limited pain or discomfort felt for the patient. 

Why should you consider our Birmingham clinic for FUE treatment? 

We offer the most advanced hair tissue preservation techniques. We use state of the art Plasma Rich Platelet technology to deliver a very high quality hair transplant. We always keep the welfare of our patients at the heart of our treatments. We offer a long term guarantee. Our hair transplants are carried out in the welcoming and private environment of our UK based Clinic. 
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Find out how little it could cost to transform your appearance with a professional hair transplant. 
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Second time FUT (strip) I could tell Dr Diaz had my interests at heart which was very comforting. I again felt well supported by Arran and the rest of the team. 
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