Skin Tag Removal 

Skin tag removals are a cosmetic skin treatment procedure by which harmless lesions can be easily removed from the surface of the skin. This is an ideal skin surgery option for those looking to get rid of any unwanted skin imperfections that they may be dealing with, helping to restore confidence and achieve clearer looking skin overall. 
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What is a skin tag? 

A skin tag can be defined as a non-threatening lesion that appears to hang from the surface of the skin. They are not harmful to the patient’s overall health, but may be found to be a topic of insecurity for many, making skin tag removals a highly beneficial cosmetic treatment. 
Skin tags can occur in both men and women, but become more likely with age; often found to develop within skin folds such as those of the armpits, neck, and groin. 
The cause of skin tags is unknown; however, it is highly likely that the following factors may play a role in the development of skin tags on the surface of the skin: 
• Heightened growth factor levels, particularly during pregnancy. (Growth factors are the proteins involved with the regulation of cell growth.) 
• Human papillomavirus, otherwise known as wart virus. 
• Skin irritation and chaffing caused by skin rubbing together. 
• Insulin resistance. 

What does a skin tag removal involve? 

There are several ways that our skin experts at Birmingham Dermatology Clinic can work to successfully remove skin tags, but this is a skin surgery procedure commonly carried out through the use of snip excision. Snip excision is a minimal procedure by which the skin tag is simply snipped from the surface of the skin, and is a treatment that takes around thirty minutes to complete. 
Skin tags can also be removed for cosmetic reasons through use of the following methods: 
• Surgical excision 
• Electrosurgery, by which the skin tag is removed using an electrical current 
• Cryotherapy, which involved freezing the lesion 
• Ligation, meaning the skin tag is removed using a suture 
Mole Removal 
To detect melanoma early, it is important to examine your skin on a regular basis. 
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