Venous Eczema 

Venous eczema, also often referred to as varicose eczema or stasis eczema, is a form of dermatitis or skin irritation that is commonly seen to affect older and middle-aged patients, presenting as inflamed patches of skin that appear on the patient’s legs. 
Dermatitis is often a topic of insecurity for those that find themselves suffering with the skin condition, leading many to seek out treatment options that will help to resolve the problem. 
If you are seeking treatment for issues associated with venous eczema, our skin treatment specialists at Birmingham Dermatology Clinic are available to provide you with the best possible level of care, helping to restore your confidence and achieve healthier, clearer looking skin overall. 

What causes Venous Eczema? 

Venous eczema is a skin condition that occurs as the result of an underlying disease that affects the veins in our legs. If the flow of blood around the body becomes impaired in any way, you may begin to experience a build-up of pressure in the blood vessels of the legs, resulting in swelling and damage to the skin. Those who find themselves suffering from this condition are the most at risk of developing venous eczema. 
Symptoms of this type of dermatitis include: 
• A red, itchy rash on the lower limbs 
• Lipodermatosclerosis (thickened, darkened skin) 
• Swelling of the ankles 
• Ulcers 

How is Venous Eczema Treated? 

Venous eczema is luckily a skin condition that is very easily controlled, treatment for this particular form of dermatitis being carried out in a number of different ways to best accommodate the patient and their individual needs. Treatments available can include: 
• Topical steroid treatment. Our skin treatment specialists may prescribe a round of topical steroid treatment that will help to reduce the symptoms of venous eczema, reducing dryness and itchiness as well as stopping any skin irritation. 
• Skin rehydration. This treatment method involves the use of emollients that soften and moisturise the skin. Patients will be recommended to apply this moisture on a regular basis to alleviate the symptoms of dermatitis. 
• Treating the underlying condition. Simply put underlying conditions that could be the root cause of venous eczema, such as varicose veins, are treated to reduce dermatitis and solve the issue at hand. 
If you’re looking for venous eczema treatment in the West Midlands, our skin care experts are here to help. Get in touch with Birmingham Dermatology Clinic to book your first consultation now. 
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