Urticaria, also often referred to as nettle rash or hives, is a skin condition that can be characterised as red patches that develop on the surface of the skin. This is seen to occur due to the release of higher levels of histamine from mast cells, and can be triggered by a large number of factors, including: 
• Food 
• Exercise 
• Medicines 
• Infection 
• Pressure to the surface of the skin 
Common symptoms of Urticaria include red or white, irritated, itchy patches on the surface of the skin that typically span from a few millimetres to several centimetres wide. While this is not a skin condition that can be found to impact your overall health, it’s appearance can still be a topic of insecurity for sufferers, leading many to seek out cosmetic treatments that will help to resolve the issue. For those seeking treatment for Urticaria, Birmingham Dermatology Clinic are on hand to help, providing quality care that will help to effectively treat the skin condition and restore your confidence. 

How is Urticaria treated? 

Luckily, Urticaria is a skin condition that is easily treated through the use of prescribed antihistamines that work to block the effects of histamine, reducing itchiness and irritation and also lessening the appearance of any rash or imperfection on the surface of the skin. 
Our expert dermatologists will work alongside you to provide the best treatment for you and your specific needs and requirements, providing expert care and resolving any issues associated with the skin condition. 
If you find yourself considering Urticaria treatment in Birmingham as to resolve any problems that you may be facing, contact with our skin care specialists to schedule your free consultation today. Dr Camilo Diaz of Birmingham Dermatology Clinic is on hand to offer the best quality care, providing great results and restoring your confidence. 
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