Vitiligo can be defined as a common skin disorder seen to affect around 1% of the total population. This is a condition characterised as sharply defined white patches that develop on the surface of the skin as a result of a lack of pigmentation. These patches are often symmetrical and can occur anywhere on the body, with the hands, torso, feet, knees, neck, and face being the most commonly affected. 
While this is not a skin disorder that is typically harmful to your overall health, its overall appearance can often lead to insecurity for those experiencing this condition, causing those to seek out cosmetic treatments that will work to resolve the issue. For individuals seeking treatment for Vitiligo, Birmingham Dermatology Clinic are on hand to help, offering quality care that will help to effectively treat the skin condition and restore your confidence. 

How is Vitiligo treated? 

Unfortunately, a true cure for Vitiligo has not yet been found, so this skin condition is not one that can likely be resolved completely. However, there are a number of treatment methods available that can help to reduce the appearance of white patches on the surface of the skin or control their spread. These treatment options include: 
• Steroid cream 
• Ultraviolet light 
• Camouflage creams 
• Self tanning creams 
Our expert dermatologists will work alongside you to provide the best treatment for you and your specific needs and requirements, providing expert care and resolving any issues associated with the skin condition. 
If you are currently on the lookout for Vitiligo treatment in Birmingham area as to resolve any problems that you may be facing, get in touch with our skin care specialists and schedule in your free consultation with Dr Camilo Diaz today. Our team at Birmingham Dermatology Clinic are here to offer the best quality care, providing great results and restoring your confidence. 
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