Hair Restoration 

What is hair restoration? 

Welcome to our hair restoration page, something otherwise known as and called hair replacement. 
Similar to anything in life if you have no first-hand experience of it then it can be difficult to imagine. However make no mistake, hair restoration is a very important practice for both a person’s body in terms of how they look, and a person’s mind in terms of how they feel about theirselves. For many people, having little thinning hair, or, worse still, none at all, can really have an impact on their self esteem. This is what causes them to seek assistance with hair replacement and we do this at our Birmingham clinic. 

So what does hair replacement consist of? 

Hair replacement is surgery which moves some hair you have in one area, to an area where you do not have any, have limited hair, or a place you otherwise think could do with more. This is done by placing new hair follicles on the area where they are currently limited or none existent. Follicles are normally removed from a part of the body which is less seen and which matters less in terms of appearance (such as the back.) Once an area of skin is removed, follicles can be removed one-by-one to then ‘patch’ the area up. Hair restoration is carried out according to grafts and this will vary depending on the person and the size of area to be treated. 

Why use our Hair restoration clinic in Birmingham? 

Dr Diaz’s Hair restoration clinic ensures you receive the best treatment with fantastic results, and restore your own self confidence. 
Mole Removal 
To detect melanoma early, it is important to examine your skin on a regular basis. 
Hair Restoration 
We only use advance technologies and groundbreaking technologies to achieve the best results in hair restoration. 
Find out how little it could cost to transform your appearance with a professional hair transplant. 
Contact Us 
For a free consultation, no obligation, directly with Dr Diaz, call 0800 0443917 or follow the link below. 
Second time FUT (strip) I could tell Dr Diaz had my interests at heart which was very comforting. I again felt well supported by Arran and the rest of the team. 
If you would like to find out more please contact our Birmingham hair clinic for further information 
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