Hair Transplant Cost 

The Birmingham Dermatology Clinic specialises in providing solutions to many common skin disorders, Mole removal as well as diagnosis of Skin Cancer. 
In addition to his clinical work, as a Consultant Dermatologist Dr Diaz recognised that there was a growing need for specialist expert help in the areas of cosmetic enhancement and Hair Restoration and has achieved excellent results with both. 
Recognising that expertise in the UK had been lacking in the area of Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant, Dr Diaz is one of just a handful of specialists working in this area. 
Hair transplant cost in the UK can often be a barrier to having the procedure carried out. Ensuring a streamlined efficient service allows many more of Dr Diaz’s patients to enjoy this often life changing procedure and he is confident that he is able to provide this specialist service at a competitive price. 
How much does a hair transplant cost? Well it very much depends on the procedure undertaken and we have provided a price guide below. 

Hair Restoration 

As a rough guide prices start from £2.50 per graft , however the final price is not absolute and might be subject to a discount. 
The following is included within the prices: 
Post op reviews by Dr Diaz 
Post operative medications 
Copper peptide solutions 
PRP for hair loss 
£ 650 
Facial Fillers per vial 
Mole Removal 
General Dermatological Consultation 
Hair Transplant Consultation 

Anti Wrinkle Injections 

The very nature of cosmetic enhancement requires the advice and the expertise of someone that has specialised in this area for many years. As a Consultant Dermatologist Dr Diaz is able to provide the specialist knowledge backed by the experience that can only be achieved from hands on specialisation in this area. 
Botox prices vary based on the application. Please see a price guide below: 
Crows Feet 
£ 175 
£ 225 
Crows Feet + Glabella 
£ 295 
Crows Feet + Forehead 
£ 330 
Glabella + Forehead 
£ 330 
Crows Feet + Forehead + Glabella 
£ 440 
“Bunny Nose” Lines 
Smokers lip lines reduction (upper and lower) 
£ 175 
“Gummy” Smile (visible gums when smiling) 
£ 225 
The above prices are a guide and may change based on the procedure recommended. Hair transplant cost in the UK varies widely and at the Birmingham Dermatology Clinic we can guarantee that any consultation undertaken will be with Dr Diaz and NOT a sales person. All prices and costs for procedures will be fully explained with no hidden extras. 
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