Posts from July 2019

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient known to play an important role within many of the body’s functions, assisting in the maintenance of health bones and teeth, as well as protecting against a wide range of varying conditions such as type one diabetes and even cancer. However, a deficiency of vitamin D is known to be associated with the cause of numerous health problems, including hair loss. However, what’s the relationship between hair growth and vitamin D, and, if suffering from hair loss caused by a lack of such nutrients, are the effects reversible? 
As the number of us opting to undergo hair transplant surgery as an effective treatment for our hair loss increases, so does the amount of misinformation being spread about the procedure. These misconceptions provide an inaccurate impression upon the capabilities of this hair loss treatment, often leaving individuals to think that this is not the right choice for them to move ahead with; this is often not the case. 
Below, we’ve listed some of the most common ‘facts’ about hair transplants that are actually completely false. 
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