As the number of us opting to undergo hair transplant surgery as an effective treatment for our hair loss increases, so does the amount of misinformation being spread about the procedure. These misconceptions provide an inaccurate impression upon the capabilities of this hair loss treatment, often leaving individuals to think that this is not the right choice for them to move ahead with; this is often not the case. 
Below, we’ve listed some of the most common ‘facts’ about hair transplants that are actually completely false. 
“A hair transplant is a painful process” 
The majority of hair transplantation operations are performed using non-invasive treatment methods, made possible through the development, and improvement, of the techniques used by medical professionals, as well as the introduction of needle-free procedures. These enhancements within the types of hair loss treatments available have led to a great increase in patient comfort and, generally, no pain is felt by the individual once the anaesthesia has taken effect. 
“The results of a hair transplant are visible immediately” 
Those undergoing hair loss treatment often expect to see the results immediately; however, this is commonly not the case. In most situations, patients will actually experience a phase in which their hair falls out before they begin to see the benefits of their transplant; this is referred to as shock loss. 
The healing process and subsequent hair growth following a hair transplant usually occurs within a 12 month period, hair follicles entering the process of regeneration following the previous effects of shock loss. 
While it may be common for a hair transplant to take up to around a year before beginning to take on the thicker and more voluminous look desired by many clients, this should not discourage those interested in undergoing this treatment as, while the results may take a while to show, they are extremely effective, offering a realistic look and helping you to regain a full head of hair. 
“Hair transplants are only for Men” 
While it’s true that hair transplants are a treatment method mainly associated with the male population, this does not make the procedure male exclusive. There are several hair transplantation methods developed for effective use on women that do not require the full shaving of the scalp and can work to effectively increase the volume of the hair or lower the hairline. In particular FUE hair transplants can be considered a particularly effective hair loss treatment method when used on women, yielding realistic results that improve the overall appearance of the scalp. 
To conclude, there are many common misconceptions around the topic of hair transplantation treatment, however, these are untrue facts as the process is much more inclusive and pain-free as some may believe. 
If you’re suffering from hair loss and would like to learn more about the treatments available, visit our dedicated hair transplant page to discover what our Birmingham Hair Loss clinic can do to help. 
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