Posts from January 2019

Hair is considered part of beauty by many people. If you love your hair and would like to keep it healthy for the longest time possible, then there are certain poor practices you need to think about which could be having an adverse effect on making your hair healthy. These habits can easily make your hair thin at a rapid pace. In this article we will consider some of the main habits that you might naturally do every day and come to accept as normal. These however may not be great for your hair. 
The hair is made up of fast-growing cells. At any given time, there are close to 120,000 hair roots growing on a human scalp. This growth must be supported by protein and other essential nutrients. Low iron and calorie intake negatively impact hair follicles. Most people on a weight loss program tend to switch to vegetarian diets which have low calories. Most people limit their protein intake when on a weight loss program. While this might be useful in weight loss, it has negative implications on healthy hair. Since hair is not a vital organ in the body, the distribution of essential nutrients is prioritised to other organs. Sustained hair growth calls for a balanced diet in the right amounts to enable the nourishment of non-vital organs. As many people embark on New Year weight loss programmes then this post will be extra useful for them. 
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