There are a number of vital nutrients that are necessary for a number of important cellular processes to take place, including the growth of hair. A lack or imbalance of such dietary nutrients can lead to hair thinning and loss in many cases, so it’s important to ensure you’re consuming the proper amount of nutrients of a daily basis to meet your needs. Below, we list some of the best nutritional supplements for combatting hair loss, helping you to regain and maintain a full head of hair. 
Bioton can be defined as a dietary nutrient that’s main purpose in the body is to convert food into energy. It does this by breaking down amino acids, turning them into keratin, which is a structural protein that makes up the majority of the hair’s structure. A lack of biotin within your daily intake could result in your body being unable to breakdown these amino acids as it normally should. This could lead to hair holding a poor structural integrity, making breakages and split ends more common, and even slow the rate at which your hair grows. 
Taking a daily biotin health supplement is a great way to combat this hair loss cause, however, biotin can be found naturally in a number of foods such as nuts and seeds, eggs, and even sweet potatoes. 
For hair to be able to grow properly, the hair follicle requires constant blood flow. If this blood flow is cut off from the hair follicle, or if there’s not enough oxygen found within the blood, hair growth can be stunted or, in the most severe of cases, even stop entirely. 
Iron is a mineral responsible for the transportation of oxygen within the red blood cells throughout the body. Those suffering with an iron deficiency, known as anaemia, do not have enough iron in their blood, leading to a poor interchange of oxygen which causes problems for hair growth. Fortunately, this is an issue easily resolved with the addition of an iron supplement into your daily intake, helping to increase your blood’s iron levels to promote hair health and growth. 
If you’re unsure as to what is causing your hair loss, taking a daily multivitamin is a great way to ensure that all areas are covered and fill in any gaps in your daily nutritional intake. Alternatively, speaking to your doctor as to detect and possible underlying deficiencies is a great way to identify any nutritional imbalances in your diet and daily intake. 
Overall, the use of nutritional supplements as part of your daily routine is a great way to ensure that you’re getting all of the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy head of hair, helping to combat hair loss and thinning. For more information on the ways that you can promote natural hair regrowth, check out our dedicated article here
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