When considering a hair transplant to help combat hair thinning or loss, it is vital to consider all of the options available and which may be the best suited to you and your needs. 
In the article below, we aim to discuss the advantages of a hair transplantation using the FUE technique, helping you in your decision moving forwards. 
1. It’s a minimally invasive surgery. 
FUE hair transplants are typically performed over the course of a singular session and is considered to be a minimally invasive surgery as patients tends to leave the clinic shortly after completing the graft; there is minimal, If any, recovery time. 
2. Any resulting scarring is not visible. 
When a singular follicular extraction is undertaken with the use of a very precise scalpel, the incision made is minimal, meaning the scar left behind when healed is not visible to the human eye. This makes FUE hair transplants an ideal deal option to any individuals who may be concerned about visible scarring being left behind as a result of their hair transplant surgery. 
3. No Sensitivity is lost. 
Both immediately after surgery is completed and during long term recovery, no sensitivity is long as a result of undergoing an FUE hair transplant. Once the local anaesthetic used has worn off, patients will regain 100% sensitivity almost immediately. 
4. After treatment care is easy. 
Caring for your FUE hair transplant after surgery is completed is fairly simple. It is highly recommended by our team of professionals that any aggressive action towards the scalp, such as hair brushing, is avoided for the first few days. However, the recovery process is not as extensive as it may be for other hair transplant options, making it an ideal choice for those who may want to return to normal life relatively quickly. 
Overall, there are a number of great advantages to opting for an FUE hair transplant to restore the thickness and quality of your hair. This minimally invasive surgery achieves great results in just a singular session, and a quick recovery time makes it perfect for those with a busy schedule. To learn more about this hair transplantation treatment, visit our dedicated FUE hair transplant page and discover what our team can do for you. 
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