or both men and women, losing their hair can have a tremendous impact on their confidence and wellbeing, however in many cases the effects of hair loss are much more devastating for women. Why? Because the hair is often an extension of a woman’s femininity as well as her style and personality, leading those who suffer from hair loss to additionally lose self-esteem. In fact a recent survey on the subject found that 46% of female sufferers kept their problem a secret from their partners, family and friends. 
Despite being more of a taboo for women than men, hair loss affects around 8 million females in the UK. Female hair loss is a common condition caused by a variety of reasons – through medical treatment, age, stress and physical trauma, genetics etc. – some of which are not yet fully understood. 
However, there are a number of advanced hair restoration treatments that can give women back their confidence and the part of themselves they felt they lost. At the Birmingham Dermatology Clinic we understand the struggle for women experiencing hair thinning or hair loss and believe that a woman should never lose her right to feel feminine, especially through something beyond her control. 
Our Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation method is especially suited to women regardless of the cause of hair loss and provides many benefits over other restorative methods. 
FUE hair transplant 
FUE hair transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure that relocates existing hair from one area to the affected area, to create a fuller head of hair. Our advanced FUE hair transplant method allows us to help women achieve life changing results whilst eliminating their fears of surgery. 
Using the latest in hair transplant technology, we are able to achieve a highly natural look and can precisely determine the position, orientation and angulation of the hair follicles. This way we can match the natural look and feel of the existing hair, delivering the best results for women who have lost their hair to hair loss or thinning. 
We are highly trained and work to the highest standards to ensure all patients in our care are as comfortable as possible, during a difficult time in their lives. For women suffering from hair loss wanting a natural and less invasive restoration solution, the experienced Birmingham Dermatology Clinic is on hand to help. 
To find out more about our hair restoration techniques or to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation with our hair restoration specialist, Dr. Diaz, simply give us a call on 0800 0443917 or contact us here. 
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