If your hair is thinning or needs a little more natural boost, a scalp massage is often recommended. Apart from its obvious benefits (for relaxation,) we take a closer look at whether this works for hair growth also. 
What is a scalp massage? 
A scalp massage is a method of using fingers to gently apply pressure to the head in a circular motion, stimulating nerve endings, blood vessels, and muscles. This type of massage creates a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Additionally, this technique is a vital element of an extensive medical therapy such as Ayurveda which cures headaches and stress-related ailments. Lately, science has drawn interest in scalp massages, concerning hair growth. 
How Scalp Massages Relates to Hair Growth 
The reason why many scientists think a scalp massage can boost hair growth is twofold. The most crucial aspect is the stimulus applied on the blood vessels when you get a scalp massaged. As more blood flows through your scalp, the follicles get more oxygen and nutrients, promoting faster and healthier growth of hair. Studies have indicated that only 4 minutes of this massage daily for a few weeks can result in a significant rise in the development rate of the hair cycle. It has also been discovered that a scalp massage will results in an improved hair thickness some months after the introduction of the massage. 
Tips for a Healthy Scalp and Hair 
There are many ways that you can boost your hair growth by maintaining your scalp and hair in good shape. Here are the top 2 tips for healthy hair: 
- Check your brush 
Tough plastic bristles can scrape the surface of your scalp and lead to inflammation and irritation. This can give a bad effect on the growth of your hair. Use a soft-bristled brush to keep your scalp healthy. 
-Use the right ingredients 
It is crucial to look out for the elements that can strengthen your hair and reduce fallout. Using such elements in your hair care, and regular scalp massages can give good results, but like most things its application will vary from person to person. 
Some benefits of Scalp Massages for hair growth 
• It conditions and lubricates the scalp, preventing dry scalp and flakes without applying strong chemical shampoos. 
• It enhances blood circulation around the neck and head area. When your scalp is tight, hair growth and circulation are hindered. 
• It relaxes the scalp and boosts flexibility. 
• It nourishes your hair-shafts and strengthens the roots of your hair, enhancing new hair growth while strengthening the existing hair. 
• It helps in softening and conditioning the hair, which makes it more manageable. 
• It distributes the natural oils of the hair evenly, improving the hair lustre and liveliness. 
• It helps to safeguard the hair from the harmful effects of sun and bad weather by boosting its resilience over time. 
• It replenishes and rejuvenates dry, damaged hair, and prevents unnecessary fragility and split-ends. 
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