The number of products currently on the market that are said to both prevent and mask the appearance of hair loss is ever increasing, which can make choosing the best possible option for you and your needs a fairly difficult task. Do these hair loss solutions that claim to mask the looks of hair thinning really work, and are they able to provide consumers with a long-lasting solution? Can hair loss products such as concealers be considered worth it in the long run? 
Hair loss concealers are a product that have recently risen in popularity, using organic keratin fibres (the same protein from which natural hair is made) to mask hair thinning and create the illusion of a full head of hair. This is a hair loss product that works through the use of electrostatic charge, instantly bonding the concealer to natural hairs that are already present. While this does mean that hair loss concealers will not work on areas where no hair is present at all, overall, these products are able to do their intended job relatively well. 
Despite this, there are a few issues that consumers may experience when using keratin fibres to mask the appearance of hair thinning. For example, finding a suitable colour match for your hair is a task that can sometimes prove challenging, however, this is an issue that will vary from person to person and also from brand to brand. Some companies are seen to offer only five different shades while others may provide a shade range of up to 15 to their consumers. 
By looking through the customer reviews of these hair loss concealers, it can be observed that many report experiencing product fall-out in small amounts throughout the day, and the concealer not being able to withstand certain weather conditions such as wind and rain in some circumstances. While a number of these hair loss product companies have produced solutions to resolve these issues, such as fixing sprays designed to hold fibres in place for extended periods of time, varied results should be expected from person to person when using these concealers to combat hair loss. The overall success of the product will depend on a range of factors such as hair type and the severity of hair thinning. 
From the information discussed above, it can be concluded that, while hair loss concealers may provide a solution to hair thinning for some consumers, results, as well as the overall success of the product, will vary from person to person. This is also a hair loss product that, unfortunately is unable to provide users with a permanent solution, the concealer only lasting for the duration of a day once applied. 
Currently, the only permanent treatment for hair loss available on the market is hair transplantation surgery, which is able to provide much more visually effective results when compared to those provided by the use of keratin fibres. Hair transplantation surgery may offer the perfect solution to those suffering with more severe hair loss or thinning, helping to restore hair thickness and provide consumers with a full head of hair. 
To learn more about hair loss surgery, visit our hair transplant page & find out about the treatments currently available. 
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