Proteins such as keratin and silk proteins are rumoured to help combat a wide range of hair concerns, such as thinning or damaged hair; however, do these various dietary proteins actually impact the growth and quality of our hair? 
In the below article, we aim to discuss whether proteins are actually linked to improved hair growth, helping you to take the best steps in restoring the quality of your hair. 
The hair shaft is made up of around 80% - 90% keratin, which is a fibrous form of protein. When this protein is lost, typically through the use of damaging hair treatments that use hair dying chemicals, UV light, and heat, it becomes harder for the hair to retain any moisture; this can be extremely damaging to the health of your hair overtime. The regular intake of keratin protein can be a great way to combat this issue, helping to strengthen your hair. 
There are numerous products currently available on the market that are said to contain keratin, however, the protein found in these treatments has normally been hydrolysed, meaning it has been broken down to amino acids and poly-peptides; these are the building blocks that make up protein. These hair protein treatments work by binding with the pre-existing amino acids at the cuticle, acting as a filler to any cracks in the hair strand. The reconstruction on the hair’s protein layer allows for the hair to better retain moisture, helping to restore its quality and maintain hair health. 
Keratin proteins, as previously mentioned, are best suited for use upon weak, damaged, and breaking hair as it helps to strengthen the hair’s protein layer. Silk protein, however, is best suited for restoring dry hair, as this is a protein that helps to restore and maintain the hair’s moisture. 
As the hair shaft is constructed of 80% - 90% protein, the regular intake of proteins such as Keratin are great for promoting the health and growth of hair. However, for more permanent hair loss treatment to resolve the issue, those experiencing hair thinning may want to consider other options. 
Hair transplantation may be a great solution for those suffering from hair thinning or hair loss who have not seen results from using other hair loss treatments, this hair restoration technique providing patients with natural looking, professional, long term results. 
To learn more, why not visit our dedicated hair transplant treatment page and discover what our experts can do to restore the quality of your hair. 
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