While there are a multitude of diets that claim to have great benefits for your overall health, unfortunately, not many of these can be attributed to science. Vegetarianism, however, is a diet with a range of scientific studies proving its perks. The vegetarian diet can be defined as the practise of abstaining from the consumption of meat, and while many may follow vegetarianism for reasons of morals or religion, there are also those who do so for the multitude of health benefits that accompany. However, what effect does this have upon the health, and growth, of your hair? 
Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the benefits the vegetarian diet can have upon your hair health. 
Improved Blood Circulation 
Just like any other organ, hair follicles require a good amount of blood flow as to remain alive and healthy. With this in mind, it is vital to work towards an improved level of blood circulation to the scalp as to promote hair growth and a thicker head of hair. Exercises, scalp massages, and treatments such as micro-needling all offer great ways as to accomplish a better level of blood flow; however, changes to the diet can also result in a similar outcome. 
Vegetarianism is a proven way to lower heightened levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, which are two factors known to play a role in healthy blood circulation. A vegetarian diet can aid in the distribution of nutrients, such as vitamin D, and oxygen to the hair follicle, helping to reduce hair loss and encourage the regrowth of hair. 
Reduced Inflammation 
Inflammation is a natural response of the immune system to illness and injury. While this is often short-term and resolves after recovery, long-term inflammation can cause many problems, including hair loss, should it occur. This is due to inflammation of the hair follicle speeding up the hair loss process. 
The most likely causes of long-term inflammation include autoimmune disorders, lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol consumption, food sensitivities, and environmental allergies. If these causes go left untreated, they are known to contribute to issues of hair loss, making it detrimental to reduce inflammatory levels as to retain hair health. 
The vegetarian diet has been known to reduce levels of inflammation and could offer a great way to prevent the loss or thinning of hair, meaning those suffering from hair loss may want to consider undertaking vegetarianism. 
While vegetarianism may offer a great way to promote the regrowth of hair, more effective methods of treatment may be required in more extreme cases of hair loss. Hair transplants offer an advanced solution to those suffering from issues of hair loss, helping to mask areas of balding or thinning and restore hair to its former quality. This hair loss treatment is known to provide great results, making it a great option to any individual looking for a solution to their hair loss problems. 
To learn more about this hair restoration treatment, visit our dedicated hair transplant page and discover what our Birmingham hair transplant clinic can do to help you. 
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