Hair Loss is an issue known to affect many women at some point within their lifetime, with 91% admitting worry over concerns of losing their hair. But, why does hair loss occur in Women? 
There are a number of factors that can play a role within the loss or thinning of hair, some of which can be combatted as to avoid the chances of hair loss in women. Below, we’ll aim to discuss the factors known to be associated with female hair loss, helping you to identify, and resolve, the problem. 
Despite some of our best efforts, it can sometimes feel like it is impossible to get all of the nutrients needed to obtain, and maintain, a healthy head of hair just through meals alone. While taking supplements can offer a great way to ensure that your body is getting all that it requires, they are not designed to assist in the prevention of thinning hair and hair loss. 
Aiming to improve the amount of nutrients consumed on a daily basis can, in a number of cases, work wonders for the health and thickness of your hair, preventing the symptoms of hair loss with success. 
Protein makes up approximately 80% of an individual’s hair, meaning a balanced diet containing larger portions of protein is vital to the maintenance of healthy and strong hair; not getting enough protein can potentially result in the loss of hair. 
Great sources of protein can include a range of lean meats such as turkey, chicken, and fish rich in oils. Salmon can be extremely beneficial to the health of hair due to it containing omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce joint inflammation and assist in the maintenance of a healthy heart. Other foods such as tofu, nuts, eggs, and beans are also known to be great sources of protein, helping to maintain a healthy head of hair. 
It is recommended to drink at least two litres of fluids per day and, while this task can sometimes seem challenging, dehydration can present itself by having an impact upon the health and appearance of your hair; halting the growth of hair in more severe cases. Aiming to drink two litres of water at the least upon a daily basis could work wonders toward preventing the chances of hair loss and thinning, however, what you’re drinking could also have an impact upon your hair health. It should be noted that beverages such as coffee and breakfast tea should be avoided where possible as these drinks work to increase the amount of water that your body is using. 
To conclude, while there are a number of highly common causes of hair loss in women, many are easily preventable and can work to reduce the effects of hair thinning and promote hair regrowth. Unfortunately, not all reasons of hair loss are this easily preventable, meaning other action must be taken as to achieve and maintain a full head of hair. If hair loss is a real concern for you and you find yourself searching for an effective solution, get in touch with our Birmingham hair loss clinic to discover the hair loss treatment options made readily available to you, or for more information, why not visit our dedicated page on hair loss treatment for Women and learn how we can help. 
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