After a patient has made the big decision to undergo hair loss surgery, it is essential that they know exactly what to expect. The process of hair loss surgery can be a little slow for some patients: hair grows slowly, and it can take a long time to see the results that they have been hoping for. With time and care however, post-surgery patients will see a big improvement. 
The first 2 weeks 
Once the surgery is completed, a positive change in the hairline can be immediately noticed. However, the results will be incomplete: immediately after the surgery, patients can expect to find visible scabs and swelling on the scalp. These may be accompanied by pain - although this is usually very minor. In the case that a patient experiences a lot of post-surgery discomfort, they should speak with their surgeon, who may be able to recommend something to help with this. 
For the first two weeks after the surgery, patients may find that their scalp bleeds from time to time. This is totally normal and to be expected. When the patient discusses aftercare with their surgeon, advice will be given about how to deal with this common side effect. Other early side effects include swelling of the scalp and face, and dry skin. Scabbing will continue for the first two weeks. While this can create an itchy scalp, it is important that patients do not scratch, due to potential problems. 
The first 5 months 
After a couple of weeks, patients will probably find that some hair is falling out. This is not a cause for alarm: it is to be expected, and is necessary to make room for new hairs. 
During the first several months, hairs will begin to grow, although it may appear thinner than desired at first. Patience is essential during this period, as hair grows at a rate of about 1cm per month. The scalp will heal fully within the first couple of months, but the complete results of the transplant will not be seen yet. 
Up to 18 months 
It generally takes up to eighteen months for the hairs to grow fully and the results of the surgery to be complete. After about a year, patients can expect to see 75% to 80% of hair growth. At this point, patients can relax when it comes to cutting, shaving or styling their hair. The new hairs can be treated in exactly the same way as the existing hair. 
Be aware that, although most patients will see complete results after eighteen months, some may not see them until two years have passed. While waiting for results, some patients may be tempted to have a second surgery. It is important to wait at least two years before making this decision, as patients will need to see the full outcome of their first surgery. However, with time, it is generally perfectly safe to have a second round of surgery, if it is considered necessary. 
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