Hair transplants are a popular solution for hair loss and are sought after by both men and women of all ages. It is not just male-pattern baldness that can cause hair loss but many other factors including stress, hormonal changes, illness or medication. When finding yourself in this predicament there are several options to restore confidence and having a hair transplant is considered one of the most effective. 
As the name suggests, a hair transplant involves the transplantation of a hair follicle from a region of reasonable hair density on the person’s head to the area of hair loss. There are several techniques for doing this, of which Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most common. hair loss before and after 
Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE as it is also known, is a method of extracting the donor hair by making a small incision around the follicular unit to separate it from the surrounding tissue and then extracting it from the scalp. 
This process is repeated over and over again until the surgeon has enough follicular units to transplant to the area of hair restoration. 
Harvesting donor units one by one is what differentiates FUE hair transplants from those conducted using the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) method, where hairs are extracted in thin strips and then separated into individual units by the surgeon after extraction. 
hair transplant 
Once extracted the units are placed into micro incisions that have been created in the area of hair loss, using specially designed instruments. The wounds left by the extraction process will heal within seven to ten days of the transplant. 
No two hair grafts are the same – every single person is different and the procedure is always carried out to give the most natural results for the individual. 
If you have any questions about Follicular Unit Extraction or other hair transplant procedures you can talk to our surgical team in confidence. 
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