Many of us will find ourselves battling hair loss at some point in our lives, turning to the use of simple home remedies and other tips and tricks as a way to try and combat this. However, it can be difficult to tell whether these techniques actually work or not. So, below we have compiled a list of actions you can take in order to try and decrease your rate of hair loss; helping you to maintain a healthy head of hair. 
Take your Vitamins 
Vitamin A plays a crucial role in the health of your hair, making it a great hair loss treatment; helping to repair any damaged hair. Many hair supplements that can be found on the market commonly contain Vitamin A as it is thought to stimulate and promote the growth of hair. However, this type of treatment can also have the opposite to desired effect, as the excessive intake of Vitamin A can have a dramatic impact on the overall health of both your body and hair. Taking too much of this supplement will cause hair follicles to work at a much quicker rate then they’re supposed to, meaning hair will reach the end of its growth phase much too quickly and begin to fall out at an increased rate. 
Due to this, it is important that, if choosing to use this type of hair loss treatment, this vitamin is taken within extreme moderation. 
Break the bad habits 
It’s common knowledge within the medical field that smoking causes a decrease in the circulation of blood around the body, including the amount of blood flow to the scalp. This can have massive impact upon the health of your hair, causing it to fall out at a heightened rate to what would be considered the norm. 
The excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol can also yield similar results to those of smoking, as these habits have potential to tamper with your immune system. 
Consider a Hair Transplant 
If none of these hair loss treatments appear to be working for you, you may be encouraged to consider other means of reaching a solution such as undergoing a hair transplant. This technique is found to be one of the most common for combatting hair loss, making it a great choice for anyone looking to achieve a perfect head of hair. 
To find out more about this type of hair loss treatment, visit our dedicated hair transplant page and discover what our Birmingham hair loss clinic can do to help you. 
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