Our hair undergoes many different stresses and strains on a daily basis, and issues such as diet, hair products and styling and even the weather can all contribute towards hair loss or fragile hair. Whether you have long locks which you are trying to grow even longer or if you have recently undergone a hair transplant and wish to encourage your new hair to grow, here are a few top tips to encourage your hair to grow a little quicker naturally: 
• Massage your scalp regularly in order to encourage healthy circulation and to oxygenate the scalp. This is a great way of stimulating hair growth, even massaging the scalp once or twice a week can make a difference. Try using coconut oil or even olive oil infused with an essential oil such as rosemary. 
• Have your hair trimmed regularly. This may sound as though it is defeating the object, but having your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks will get rid of any split ends and will keep the hair looking healthy and strong. 
• Only brush your hair with a brush made from natural fibres, which are much gentler on the scalp than man made bristles. 
• Avoid over styling the hair – try not to blow dry or straighten the hair after every wash, and avoid using too many styling products on a daily basis. This can put strain on the hair and may cause it to fall out. 
• Tying hair up in a tight ponytail or bun can put a lot of tension onto the hair around the edge of the scalp, and if worn on a regular basis may cause some hair loss around this area. Looser hairstyles which are much gentler on the hair can help to retain existing strands of hair. 
• Feed your hair from the inside – try taking supplements such as iron, magnesium and calcium so that your body has the necessary minerals to encourage healthy hair growth. 
On average, hair will grow at around 1cm per month. However, trying some of the tips listed above may help it to grow that little bit faster. 
Here at Birmingham Dermatology Clinic we are on hand to provide hair transplant surgery for those people who are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. Further information regarding our services can be found on our website. 
Camilo Diaz 
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