Most of us expect hair to grow naturally without any effort which could be the reason why you still don’t have the desired hair length. Healthy hair growth can be attributed to many factors which we often assume. Here are some quick tips for hair growth that will enable you to flaunt long healthy hair. 
Eat Healthy Foods 
It may come as a surprise to you, but yes, hair growth is as a result of what we eat. For hair to grow, you require to feed on proteins and vitamins. Different types of meats are the best source of proteins. Vitamins can be obtained from vegetables and fruits. If you are vegan, you can include plant proteins in your diet and watch your hair grow strong. 
Avoid Shampoos? 
Perhaps not to the extreme of entirely doing away with shampoos, but instead using them sparingly. Excessive use of shampoos washes away the healthy natural oils from your scalp leaving it dry. We all know a healthy scalp is equal to healthy hair. 
Use conditioners on your Hair Regularly 
Conditioners are a good bet for hair growth because they strengthen the hair roots while at the same time sealing cuticles and any damaged skin on your scalp. You can use conditioner every day as you clean your hair for best results. 
Use the Right Pillow 
This may sound a little strange that a pillow can help strengthen your hair but, if you sleep on the wrong pillow, you may wake up with tangled hair or the hair may break onto the pillow due to friction. Invest on a silk pillow because it does not cause damage on your hair compared to cotton pillows. 
Brush your Hair Before Sleeping 
In the evening one gets home tired, and you want to fix a quick meal and retire to bed. However, taking a few minutes to brush your hair will be beneficial to your hair. It will help your hair straighten and prevent it from entangling. It also helps spreads the natural oils and also gives you good blood circulation in the head. 
Rinse your Hair with Cold Water 
This may be hard for most people because pouring some cold water on your head after having a hot shower is hardly possible. Well, the good news is, if you rinse your hair with cold water, you may achieve the hair growth you have always desired. Hair experts insist that the cold water seals the cuticles and prevents hair damage from heat. 
Cut off the split ends on your hair helps avoid breakage (think like trimming dead shoots in plants – it encourages growth.) Ironically as it sounds, cutting off the loose ends helps your hair grow longer since it won’t break off when combing. 
Long and strong hair is something many people want to achieve. Using shampoos less often, conditioning your hair, trimming the split ends, sleeping on the right pillow, rinsing your hair with cold water and brushing it before sleeping are some of the tips you can incorporate in your daily routine to help it grow. 
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