When hair loss occurs – often seen as a natural process for many men as they age, getting it right with a good hairstyle can make all the difference to increasing confidence. There are various styles to think about, but the main principle is about keeping the hair short - longer hair can draw attention to those areas where the hair loss is more noticeable. Taking in these factors, there are several styles that are worth considering. 
The basics 
Whether straight or curly, hair should be kept short - longer hair usually won't compensate for any thinning areas. The key to an effective short hairstyle is how it brings a uniformity of focus, as opposed to highlighting the hair loss problem areas. For best effect, hair should be kept no longer than one inch or less and going for a square shape to compensate for common hair loss areas such as the temples and crown can often produce the best results. 
Style ideas 
One piece of advice we recommend is to give some thought to what style might better suit specific patterns of hair loss. Visiting a good hairdresser, who will be able to discuss the options and what is the most effective bespoke style can be of valuable use. 
* Comb-over 
This style type is especially suitable to hide thinning at the crown because the hair is combed in one direction. Both short and long hair can work with a comb-over style due to its adaptability - hair can be worked in various ways, including slicked back, or opting for a more tousled and casual look. One thing to note with this style is that it might not give optimal coverage to all thinning areas - if this is the case, consider a minimal style. 
* Uneven layers 
When the hair is sectioned into layers parallel to the crown, the layers fall together to produce a very casual, almost mop-top appearance. The strength of this style is how the trimmed layers create increased density, offering thicker hair that can help cover the thinning areas. It's a style that is easy to maintain, particularly useful for a busy lifestyle as demonstrated by its popularity with celebrities. 
* Styling 
Styles that bring ‘height’ work particularly well when the hair is kept very short to the sides and back, with a degree of length to the upper areas. Longer hair at the crown is used to give a piled up effect, which can be kept in place by using good hair products. Dependent on individual lifestyle, these styles create a more groomed, elegant appearance. 
* Cropped cuts 
Although this style might not actually cover problem areas, its popularity lies in how effective it is at taking attention away from hair loss areas. The key to these styles is their clean, masculine simplicity - exposing areas of the scalp, for instance on the head's lower half, can give an impression of fullness near and around the crown. The overall results bring square, crisp cuts that are minimal to maintain but without losing the stylish effect. 
If hair loss is a problem for you then as this article demonstrates, there are plenty of styles which can be adopted to reduce the visual appearance of receding hair. The important thing is to consider what style works best for you as the individual, as no two people are the same. 
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