Hair transplants are one of the treatments available to overcome hair loss. This type of treatment is commonly used in cases of partial hair loss as follicles need to be transplanted from an area of dense hair growth to the area of thinning hair. There are two principal methods of hair transplant – Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) but which one is best for you? 
Of course it is always preferable and more informative to gain this insight from your surgeon who can recommend the most appropriate treatment, however if you wish to know more about the process beforehand please read the information below. 
FUT Hair Transplants 
A hair transplant carried out using the FUT process will involve a donor area being taken as a strip from the back of the scalp. This tends to be the area of the scalp where hair is quite dense so it is seen as the most obvious and sensible donor area. A skilled surgeon can complete this process to leave only the minimal scarring. 
The donor strip is then dissected into many individual grafts which will then be inserted into the area of hair loss to deliver the most natural looking results. 
FUE Hair Transplants 
ultra refined FUE hair transplant 
Ultra refined FUE hair transplant, please note the the neat good quality of grafts 
A hair transplant conducted using the FUE method involves the extraction of individual hair follicles. As in the FUT method, hairs are taken from the dense area at the back of the scalp but as individual follicles rather than a donor strip. As you can imagine this process is highly skilled and quite time consuming but it is very effective, particularly for those people who require a small number of grafts or who have very short hair styles. 
As all patients have different facial characteristics and varying degrees of hair loss, each treatment will vary according to the hair style, hair density and desired results. 
At Birmingham Dermatology Clinic we provide both methods of hair transplant and can deliver enhanced results thanks to our investments in Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) technology. Please visit our hair transplant page to find out more information. 
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