It is a traditional and modern belief that hair adds beauty to a persons looks. No one ever likes entertaining the thought of losing their hair at an early age or even when old. However, we cannot ignore the fact that some people around the world lose their hair at an early age. The loss of hair at an early age can be quite discouraging and damage a person’s confidence and self-esteem. 
If hair loss is worrying you then remember that you can be a little clever about this. There are several warning signs a person can look out for to identify hair loss and prevent it before it happens. Some of the main ones will be explored below. 
1. A receding hairline 
The receding hairline is the most significant warning sign indicator of hair loss at an early age. Receding hairline is where the hair of both men and women begins at the top of the frontal hairline and slowly works its way back. 
Receding hairlines are different for both men and women. In men, the hair on the right and left side of their front hairlines begin to push backwards first, causing the hair to sometimes form a letter M shape. As the hair loss progresses, the hair on the upper part of your scalp also falls out and the hairline acquires something similar to a U shape. 
Women can retain their hairline on their foreheads, but the hairlines on their left and right sides broaden, and they can form a V shape due to the continuous loss of hair at an early age. 
2. Flaky and itchy scalp 
An itchy and flaky scalp is also an early warning sign of potential hair loss. An itchy scalp comes about due to the build-up of skin oil on the scalp. Excess sebum can be associated hair loss and dandruff but some skin oil is essential and healthy since it keeps the head and scalp moisturised. Continuous accumulation of skin oil leads to the clogging of the hair follicles. With the blockage of the hair follicles on the scalp, hair begins to thin. It also prevents the growth of hair that could replace the hair loss for the same reason. 
3. Genetics 
Like a majority of aspects of human life, Genetics contribute mostly to the loss of hair. It is most likely that when a majority of a person’s relatives lose hair at an early age, you will also most likely lose yours too. 
In this, considering both sides of the family tree is essential. It will enable a person to precisely determine the age at which their relatives begin to lose hair. The information will assist a person to prepare, or prevent the loss of hair at an early age. 
4. An increase in shower or ‘pillow hair’ 
Ordinarily, a person losses around 50 to 125 hairs every day. However, an increase in the loss of hair per day is a cause for alarm. Although it may be difficult to count the hair you lose, it is possible to look at the amount you find on your pillow or after showering. 
If the amount of hair increases daily, then you are probably losing your hair at a faster rate which requires investigation and addressing. 
Remember that identifying the early signs of hair loss helps you take the necessary steps to prevent and ultimately stop / reduce hair loss. 
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