Many people look forward to the summer as a time to bare their legs, arms and other areas of their bodies. Shorter clothing and sunglasses become standard issue as does the sun hat and other protective elements to ensure the sunshine can be enjoyed safely without damaging the skin. With the warmer weather and the change in beauty products we are using, however, conditions such as hair loss can become exacerbated. 
Whilst there is no proven cause and effect for seasonal hair loss, many people with thinning hair will dread the summer months, despite the fact they can legitimately cover up their hair with a sun hat. 
One suggestion for summer hair loss is the fact that, like other mammals, we shed some of our hair in the warmer months to cool us down, however this theory would also be backed up by the fact that hairs would then grow back some months later so there should be no long term ill effects. Another theory is we tend to wash our hair more frequently in the summer months, to remove sand, sun cream and other summer related debris. Again, washing hair more frequently has not been proven to cause hair loss, so perhaps it is just a case that thinning is more noticeable in the summer? 
summer hair loss 
It is true that sweat and the usage of sun protection products can cause hairs to clump together and give a thinner appearance than would actually be the case. However, the arrival of the sun can also signal the opportunity to don a sunhat and not look out of place, again helping people to relax and not worry about the appearance of their hair. 
Those people who are worried about hair loss over the summer months can take several steps to minimise the impact of sun, salt and hot temperatures: 
Use a PH-balanced shampoo to remove sweat and dirt from hair – as aggressive chemicals can damage the scalp and irritate skin 
Salt will absorb the protective oils and moisture from your hair and scalp so try to rinse hair through as soon as you get out of the sea to protect it from further damage 
Harsh sunlight can damage your scalp so keep your head covered with a hat or scarf during the warmest part of the day 
Eat well – diet is really important for hair care so eating a diet that is rich in protein, calcium and minerals will encourage healthy hair this summer 
Anyone still worried about hair loss over the summer or indeed those who have been suffering from thinning hair for some months can contact our hair transplant specialists today for a confidential consultation. 
Camilo Diaz 
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