For some sports, wearing a helmet is essential for safety. For example, motorsports and a number of extreme sports require a helmet, as well as some team sports. Some research suggests that people playing certain sports may be more likely to suffer some hair loss as a result of wearing a helmet extremely regularly.  
Some professional sports people, or even people who play socially on a regular basis may be affected by wearing headwear on a practically daily basis. Research suggests that there are two possible ways that wearing a helmet when playing sport could be a cause of hair loss: 
A build-up of bacteria 
One theory is that a build-up of bacteria in a hat or helmet could stunt hair growth and in some severe cases, result in the roots of the hair not holding onto the scalp anymore. As most sports that require a helmet to be worn take place outside, it’s likely that they will be subject to a combination of sweat from your head, as well as the dirt and other objects from the surrounding environment that build over time. This bacteria is held near your scalp for the duration of wearing a helmet. 
Whilst you wash your hair and scalp after taking part in sport, you are probably less likely to consider sanitising your helmet after use. This means that the next time you put your helmet on, the bacteria inside will have chance to spread as your head gets warm, inviting bacteria growth. As a result, bacteria may infect your scalp, leading to problems with hair loss. 
A simple suggestion is to spray an anti-bacterial solution inside the helmet, giving it a good wipe-down between uses. 
Your hair gets pulled 
Just as is the case when hair is tightly plaited or braided, an issue of wearing a helmet could be tension pulling hairs away from the scalp. Over time, after excessive pulling, hairs may no longer be able to anchor properly into the scalp, causing some hairs to fall out. A solution to this could be to not put your helmet directly onto your head, instead you could wear a bandana beneath. 
If you have been affected by hair loss, a solution to help restore your hair is to undergo a hair transplant. During this surgical procedure, hair follicles from a donor area of the patient’s head where the hair is less resistant to hormonal loss are transplanted to the affected area of the scalp. Following treatment, due to the dexterity of the surgeon and the advanced techniques used, the results can be an extremely natural looking head of hair. Once the hair is grown back, scar tissue is hardly visible, allowing you to feel confident about your hair restoration. 
If you would like to learn more about undergoing a hair transplant in Birmingham, please contact Birmingham Dermatology Clinic on 0800 0443917 to arrange for a confidential consultation. 
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