As Veganism becomes increasingly more popular within mainstream media, more questions about its impact on our overall health seem to arise. While it is undeniable that a vegan diet can bring great benefits to both health and general wellbeing, answers seem to become scare when attention is shifted to the effects that veganism can have upon the health of our hair. Below, we aim to answer these questions, and determine once and for all whether the vegan diet is known to be a cause, or factor, within hair loss and thinning. 
The main concern for most when considering taking on the vegan lifestyle is whether a lack of, or change to the quantity of, protein in the diet could assist in an increased loss of hair. As hair is primarily constructed of proteins, and iron is known to play a vital role within the growth cycle of hair, it comes as no surprise that many individuals are worried that removing meat, which is a great source of both iron and protein, from their diet could have an overall negative impact upon the health of their hair. 
Protein makes up a large percentage of our hair, so we should always be aiming to include large portions of protein rich foods within our diets as a way to ensure the promotion of hair cell renewal and proper nourishment. As your body also requires protein for a health heart, lungs, and liver, if the body is lacking it, it is guaranteed your major organs will always be given priority; if your diet lacks protein, your hair will be first to see the consequences! 
A vegan diet doesn’t have to become a cause of hair loss; as long as a well-planned and thought out diet plan containing proper nourishment and balances meals rich in plant-based proteins is constructed, your hair, hopefully, won’t have to pay the price. In fact, the main causes of hair loss aside from a lack of nutrition in the diet are hair loss due to stress and genetics. 
Some great sources of plant-based protein include- 
• Beans 
• Quinoa 
• Nuts and Seeds 
• Tofu 
• Lentils 
• Tempeh 
• Chia Seeds 
• Chickpeas 
While Veganism can bring great benefits to your overall health and wellbeing, it is vital to ensure it is done properly as to avoid running the risk of hair loss and thinning due to a lack of proper nutrition. 
If you suspect your hair loss issues are the result of more than just your diet, and you find yourself searching for other solutions, get in touch with our Birmingham Hair Loss clinic to discover more about the hair loss treatment options we have to offer. Alternatively, visit our dedicated hair transplant page and learn what hair implants could do to combat your hair loss. 
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