With the ever-apparent rise of social media popularity, and more of us obsessing over our physical appearances than ever before, we find ourselves reaching to the quick and easy remedies to fix our beauty mishaps. But how well do these products really work? Do they offer a permanent solution, and are they worth it in the long run? 
As the desire to fix our flaws increases, so do the number of products available on the market claiming to accommodate these needs. A recent rise in popularity has been seen from a hair loss remedy using organic keratin fibres, the same protein natural hair is made from, to mask thinning and create the façade of a full head of hair. These hair concealers work by means of electrostatic charge, creating a magnetic effect that instantly bonds the product to the natural hairs already present and overall, it seems to do its job fairly well. While finding the right colour match for your hair is something that can prove challenging for some, this is only an issue that varies between brands, not one representative of the product itself. Some brands offer only five shades where as others provide a range of over 15 different colour-matches. For those consumers who found their match, the hair thinning solution appears to be highly commended – after all, it does what it claims to! 
However, a great majority of different brand reviews report small amounts of fibre fall-out throughout the day, and that in some circumstances, products cannot withstand wind and rain. While several hair concealer companies have created solutions to combat these problems, such as sprays designed to lock fibres into place and, of course, it should be expected that results will vary from person to person depending on factors such as hair loss severity and hair type, it must also be questioned whether these factors alter the effectiveness of the overall product. 
Another downside many of us have experienced when using this product in day-to-day life is the expense. The average price across the most popular hair loss concealer brands is around £20 for 30g; which is claimed to be a monthly supply. Though, you may end up paying extra if you experience hair loss more intensive than average. Despite £20 per month not sounding like much to sacrifice in exchange for much thicker looking hair, expenses add up quickly if you plan on using this as a long-term answer to your problems. Using hair fibre for just a year can accumulate an expense of over £240, and prices only rise from there depending on the severity of your problem. This is a large price to pay for a treatment that, unfortunately, does not offer its users with a permanent solution; the concealer only meant to last the duration of the day. But if this isn’t the result you were looking for, what is? 
Seemingly, the only permanent treatment for hair loss available on the market right now is transplant surgery, which may seem intimidating, and way too expensive, to a lot of consumers, but actually works out a lot cheaper in the long term when compared to the alternatives. The results in turn are also a lot more visually effective, making it a good choice for anyone suffering from loss or thinning of hair. 
To conclude, when looking to mask the appearance of bald spots and give the illusion of a thicker head of hair, fibre concealers sound like a great card to have on the table. However, this remedy runs the risk of becoming fairly expensive at a pretty quick pace; especially when used as a long-term treatment. It also does not offer permanent results like many had initially hoped. Thus, consumers should feel encouraged to explore the other options available to them. 
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